First, how was born…

Hello, my name is Krista, and I have two little girls that are the PRIMARY reason why you have come to this site today (THANK YOU SO MUCH btw!)! I was frustrated trying to find a 5 day program for my oldest daughter a couple of years ago and discovered that the ONLY way to really find this out was to go to facebook (not ideal) and ask a local ‘trading group’ their opinions and why. The feedback was exactly what I needed and after doing this a couple of other times in other groups (along with visiting multiple) I established where I wanted my oldest to attend. The problem with this was that I was new to the area and this model did not work when I was trying to find softball programs in the area….everything I found was EXTREMELY biased or just plain out of date!  I took on this challenge of building a website that can house everything in the country in every realm of possibility that a parent could ever need/want…with room to expand however need be….I built this because it’s LONG OVERDUE and what is more important than our children?

This is not a corporate website…this is a mom of two doing this in my ‘spare time’ to help other parents with the struggle that is parenting!

The family that IS



How NowWhatMom works…

NowWhatMom is the ONLY website of its kind….it is built to house ANY thing related to children of all ages (up to 18). More specifically….doctors, playgrounds, schools, sports programs, DMV, etc…if you can think of it and it’s for kids then it can be housed here. OH! Did I meant that you can rate, save your favorites,

We’ve all heard of Angie’s list, right?….well, this is the children’s version….but HERE’S THE CATCH: Registered users (parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents/etc) DO NOT PAY! Non-Profits (public schools, playgrounds, DMV, churches, etc.) DO NOT PAY EITHER! So, who pays? The businesses who are giving the services to the children, such as: Dance studios, Retail stores, Doctors, etc….Businesses pay to have control over their listing by either claiming (if it’s already present) or creating their listing and have full control over the listing (except for ratings/comments which are constantly moderated).

Wouldn’t it be nice to FINALLY have that one place to find everything for the kids….instead of having to ask a community Facebook group? Or if your business moves…’s the EASIEST way for your customers/parents to know…no more issues with having bad or old information for your business all over the internet….HELP us help all you by telling any business your child comes into contact with to claim/submit their listing. OR when you’re out and about tag us (facebook/twitter/Instagram links) and we’ll add them for you so you can save as a favorite (even before the business claims/submits).

What to do NEXT….Choose which user you are:

Option 1:

Registered user (mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/etc):

  1. Create a NowWhatMom account
  2. Find new listings, save favorites (FULLY mobile friendly)
  3. Suggest new listings or tag us on twitter/instagram and we’ll add them!
  4. Rate/Comment on all your favorites
  5. Repeat 2, 3, & 4 Daily

Option 2:

Business user (owner/founder/manager/etc of a FOR PROFIT):

  1. Choose Business pricing package
  2. Create Login
  3. Pay for package
  4. Create a Listing (fill out all applicable info) or click ‘Claim’ on listing
  5. Submit Listing once completed
  6. See all of the ratings and comments from your customers come rolling in!

Option 3:

Non-Profit user (founder/principal/director/media controller/etc):

  1. Choose Non-profit package
  2. Create Login
  3. Create a Listing (fill out all applicable info) or click ‘Claim’ on listing
  4. Submit Listing once completed
  5. Email exemption form to
  6. See all of the ratings and comments from your customers come rolling in!

A Few F.A.Q.’s

  1. Are the comments moderated? Yes. I, Krista, personally moderate ALL comments that are submitted before they are posted.
  2. Can my business be on Is it related to children at all (sponsor, office, park, etc)? Yes, if it’s related to children in anyway then there’s a place for you!
  3. What does it cost? Parents (end users) are free.  Non-Profits are free (donated). For-Profit Businesses are $48/year (CURRENTLY $24!!!)
  4. What if I don’t see what I am looking for? Submit an email to and I’ll be happy to research a new area that we have no expanded into yet!
  5. What makes this site different? We are THE ONLY one-stop-shop for everything for kids! Completely unbiased full listings in every category imaginary…finally putting everything in one place.
  6. If my business is already listed, does it change if I claim it? YES! Basic information is being entered without a business being claimed currently; this information includes: Name of business, about us (if present on website), Google API location, and contact information to go along with a generic NWM logo as the listing photo. When you CLAIM your listing: You have FULL access to add pictures, videos, opening times, price ranges, direct link to your website and even link majority of the big social media accounts…ALL within your ONE listing. You can also pick as MANY categories as you would like as related to your business!




*Primary Categories/Listing types are BOLD and underlined. (Remember, your business could be in many categories/subs…choose ALL THAT APPLY to your business when creating your listing)

(If you wish for a sub-category to be added please email